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Default and here another one..

Oldjinks's Home made pickled white pearl onions.

Get a Hermeticly Sealed ~ 1 Gallon jar like this at the Container store or wherever..

and a few bags of frozen White pearl onions in the supermarket and let them thaw out.

For the basic brine mix for the pickled onions heat (do not boil though...):

~ 1/2 gallon of white wine vinegar and just as much water
1 tablespoon mustard seeds
salt to taste
~ 1/2 lbs of sugar

Determine the acidity of the fluid: you do this just by tasting.
It Is too acidic, add some water in, it is not acid enough, add some vinegar.

Now the sweet/sour ratio. Beginning with two tablespoons of sugar, stir until sugar is dissolved. Would you like it sweeter, add more sugar while stirring.

Now also add the salt and mustard seeds.

Then dump then the onions in the brine and turn the heat up until you see light bubbles for ~ 1 to 2 minutes.

Spoon the onions into the glass jar and then pour the cooking liquid when it's coled off a bit on top until all is well covered.

Close the jar and place the onions 3 4 weeks in the pantry or cellar to get up to taste.
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