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Default Ordered an Assassin Smoker

After speaking with and exchanging emails with Jeff Conley and Robin at C&C, I pulled the trigger yesterday and ordered an Assassin Smoker, the 24 inch model.

I'm looking forward to the new smoker. In the past I've cooked on bullet water smokers, NB Bandera, and now use an almost ten year old OK Joe stickburner and a 40 inch MES. I also have a P3 Broilmaster gasser that we use alot for steaks, burgers, and pork chops.

Jeff told me I would have a learning curve since I'm moving to a gravity feed from a stick burner. Of course I'm excited at the prospect of perhaps getting some sleep on all night brisket and pork butt smokes. Jeff said that smoking in an Assassin would take less time at the same temps as I'm used to on a stick burner.

Anyway, Jeff said it would take two weeks for him to build me an Assassin, and 3 or 4 days to get it to Houston from Macon. He said he'd share some tips with me about what he's learned smoking on these gravity fed cabinet smokers - that'll be good to get some help getting started.

I'll post the uncrating here upon it's arrival, and some pics of the inaugural smoke.

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