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Default Inside of grill getting coated with goo

We have a local festival where we cook around 1400 turkeys in a weekend. We have run into a problem and are hoping to tap into your knowledge to help us find a solution.

We use custom-built grills which until a couple years ago were run on charcoal. We have now switched over to gas because it saves us from having to deal with ashes. (We did a lot of testing to confirm that the change would not affect the taste of the birds.)

With the charcoal, we controlled the temperature by adjusting the airflow using vents in the lids of the grills. With gas, we leave the lids closed and simply adjust the gas flow if we need to alter the temperature.

The grills have a rack in the center onto which four turkeys are placed. When we used charcoal, it was placed at the front and back of the grills, so the heat was indirect. Now, the gas burner goes thru the center (with an angled piece of metal above it to deflect the dripping juices from falling directly onto the burner) so the birds are receiving more direct heat than before.

The problem we are encountering is that the inside of the grills is getting coated with a heavy layer of thick, black goo and we canít figure out why. We are not sure if it has something to do with the juices hitting the deflector or poor ventilation due to not having the vents open anymore.

Any thoughts you folks can provide on preventing the goo would be welcomed.

P.S. You can see some photos of the grills and the goo inside here:
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