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Angry Can't get the temps up on my mini WSM

So, I have about a 5 pound picnic shoulder I was going to smoke up for pulled pork to have around, having depleted my freezer stocks from the fall. As it is only one 5 pound shoulder, I figured the mini-WSM would be ideal. I loaded up the bottom with lump charcoal (wicked good weekend warrior blend) and hickory chunks and lit a couple weber starter cubes in there and let it come up to temp. It seemed to want to settle around 240, so I let it go for a while and then put the meat on. The temp immediately dropped to 200, ok fine. Trouble is, an hour later it is still sitting at 200 with the top and bottom vents wide open.

So, what would you do? Scrap the cook and move it to the over? Take the WSM apart and let the fire build up? Add fuel?

I'm measuring the temp with a redi-chek dual probe with the probe clipped under the center of the grate just below the shoulder.

Hudson Valley, New York: 22.5" Weber OTG, 22.5" Weber WSM, 14.5" Mini WSM.

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