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Default my first cook with minion method...questions

So i have 2 spares and 4 baby backs going in on a rack. Total calculated cook time is going to be 6 and 5 hrs. So i made a basket and used the minion method as I've read great success storys for up to an 8 hr consistant burn. Here is how i did mine and questions below...

1) it took 40 min with both vents wide open to get to 225. Is that normal?

2) at the 2 hr mark the heat spiked to 290 and it took 15min for the temp to come down with vent adjustments, any adverse effects of a 15 spike in temp?

3) my burn only lasted 3 hours before the KF regular started to die and i needed to refill. I got half a chimeny and dumped unlit charcoals on one of the corners of the basket. My wife complained that i shouldnt have put unlit coals in a fire. Is that dangerous? Toxins? Poison? I saw no difference than minion method

Thanks for your time
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