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Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
I don't own a PBC but I've hung ribs in my UDS and they've come as close as a couple of inches from the coals, but I've also done them at under 250F (temp taken about 2/3 way up the drum). If your ends are coming out inedible perhaps you're running your temps too high?
It's possible, I dialed down the temp in the PBC caz it was running hotter than I wanted.

Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
How long did you cook them for? Also, maybe consider cutting them in half to avoid the issue.

On a different note, make sure your fire isn't running too hot from the get go. Using too much lighter fluid and lighting too many briquettes can make your temps be too high. Try lighting on 10-15 pieces in a chimney and then place them in the center of the basket. Place the basket back into the barrel and with lid on, allow 15 to 20 minutes for the charcoal to settle in and roll sweet blue.

Works perfect for me and I've never had an issue of overcooking anything on it. Hope that helps ya!
Thanks bassman, it was a tad over 3 hours. I lit 15 bricks in my chimney dumped em in, waited 20 and put the lid on. All the other bones were great but the bottom 4. Maybe I got a pack of lousy ribs.

Originally Posted by rwalters View Post
Hmmm, I have done ribs several times on my PBC, with bottom of ribs 2 inches from the charcoal. I have never had burnt ends like that. Confusing... wonder why your getting different results. All I can say is that I am following Noah's advice exactly as shown in his videos (Kingsford blue, lighter fluid, 20 minutes, hang ribs). They come out soooo good, and have always been cooked evenly from top to bottom.
Yeah, I'm not giving up, I love the cooker, we 'll get it sorted

Originally Posted by rwalters View Post
Have you discussed your issue with Noah? Would be interesting to hear his response/advice!
Nah, wanted to ask the brethren who are using for advice first.

Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
What about cutting the racks in half before you hang them?
I'm thinking of trying this next, I agree with you; seems like the next logical step.
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