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Default Brisket - taking it to the next level

Ok, so I have done about 5 cooks of full packer briskets. My results have improved as my experience has increased. My most recent cook was, according to my wife, "momma slappin' good". I wasn't that happy with it. It was tender, tasty, good bark, etc. I wasn't sure until just now what was missing.

It hit me - it wasn't moist. It didn't have that nice sheen and glistening moisture when you cut it.

I started thinking about it and have figured it was the quality of the meat itself. I have been purchasing them from Walmart as I didn't want to spend a bucket load of money while I was learning. Excel was the meat packer and of course the package was USDA inspected but was not graded.

So I am going to go to a local butcher shop - they do custom cuts on site from the whole cow - today to see what the price per pound of a packer will be.

In addition to price what sort of questions should I ask since I assume I won't be able to see a finished product? (I know a cut like brisket they tend to do on demand.)

I will have more questions as this thread goes forward but I will stop here for now.

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