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Default Todays PBC experiences

ok, so I had a light meeting day today for once which gave me some trime to load the PBC up in early afternoon. I totally forgot it was friday and took some ribs out of the freezer... we had a big tritip bought for the weekend, and 4 racks of St louis. so aside form probably going to hell for eating meat today, heres the log book.

I tried a few different things this time around.. thats what this post is about.. and no, no pics, we all know what ribs and tritips look like.

1- past cooks, I lit the top of the basket with a torch and waited 20 minutes. Last 2 cooks ran a little hot, and i had to get temps down by blocking the vent for a little bit. it was my fault because i let the inital light run away, waiting over 20 minutes and too many coals got way to happy.

This time around, i loaded the basket full. Removed 15 briquettes, layed them on a the grate to the egg(chimney was in the shed, on the other side of the yard, with 2 feet of snow between us). I lit the 15 briquettes with the torch and waited till the were almost completely gray, then placed them on top of the PBC basket. I waited 10 minutes and closed the lid. In about 3 minutes the probe registered 246. i cracked the lid until the temps reached 280 and set it back. I will say, do NOT walk away. Temps climed VERY quickly. I found doing it this way, temps did not run away and I locked in where I wanted it.

I had the drum on top of a grill pad on my decl. its sits about 3-4 inches off the ground on its own ring. This was my 5 or 6th cook on it. When I moved the pad, the center, where the drum has been cooking, has disintegrated. The heat from the bottom is too much for just a grillpad. All the patio blocks are buried in the back under the snow, so i discovered that the plate setter for a XL-BGE is a perfect size. The support ring fits perfectly on it and the drum sits on top.

I added the tritip and 4 racks hanging. Meatier end downward.
Tri tip was 130 in just under an hour. That was to be lunch for my son and a friend when he got home from school.. removed at 130-135, let rest foiled for 20. it was Excellent..but its missing a char, which i would like on a steak. My son complimented me with a new one.. His friend was in "holy chit mode" never having BBQ, just stuff from a son, while explaining to him what BBQ is... he said "dad., you just made beef so tender it can pass for soup. "

The ribs came out good, bottom ones slightly more done than the rest, but we are talking maybe the bottom 2. They cooked surprisingly even. cooked for 4-5 hours, no foil ever, and didnt sauce them. They came out sweating, great color and a nice bark that i did not want to ruin with foil or sauce. So they got eaten with sauce on the side and never foiled.. very different product than one thats been foiled and glazed. I put the hook under the 3rd rib, so they held in place very well. Pulled them off with the bend test and let them rest.

I added some dry jack daniels chips to one side of the coals.. worked well, offered smoke for about 30 minutes, then I put a 2-3 inch piece of a smoke stick, and that worked well for the duration of the cook, and kept going.

i watched the temps after everthing was out and did not shut the pit down. It maintained 280 for nearly 7 hours total. When it started to die out, i shook the drum a little and it came back up, and ran at about 265 for another hour +30 before temps started dropping again. All in all I got about 9 hours of cook temps.

PBC continues to impress. its got its place among all the other cookers in my sig.. The biggest advantage is I wanted to cook today. The offsets are buried in the snow, the FE is in the trailer and the drum was easy to get out, easy to light, and took no fiddling... defiantly happy with it.
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