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Thanks all for the replies. We are purchasing a property with some land. I love having company so was thinking of a small horizontal trailer smoker so I could slap on a feed. My previous two smokers were Banderas and I did fine with them. Usually only had one or two pieces of meat inthem but there were about a dozen occaisions when I had it COMPLETELY full. The Bandera was very wood hungry and took a lot of attention to keep the temp. I didn't mind at the time but have a lot less time than I used to. Also I am looking for something a little longer lived...I cooked the two banderas into rust.
The Green egg and Kamodo wont rust out and are less wood hungry but have less capacity. I have never seen a Kamodo egg style smoker in person so don't know how it compares to the BGE. This Is why I asked for and appreciate all the opinions. Happy to hear anyones opinion. I have months before I commit.
Don't know what UDS stands for.
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