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Originally Posted by LM600 View Post
What I'd do Mate is...

Find out what they like, don't like or any potential allergies.

Cook them something that is a local speciality, a way of cooking or a food that is mostly special to your location.

Find out how they like to eat, eg; Some prefer 'homestyle' informality, others like (and expect) a more formal setting, some are quite happy to get round early and help you prep and cook the food.

Hope that helps....and I guess, don't try and source some kangaroo or emu steaks for them!
I agree with everything you say except for the bolded statement. If I'm traveling to another country, I want to experience the culture of that country. If I'm invited to someone else's place, I expect to experience their normal situation. I don't want them try to replicate my normal situation. Just because my family is normally very relaxed doesn't mean I wouldn't I wouldn't enjoy going to someone else's place for a formal dinner. In fact, we are doing exactly that tomorrow night.
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