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Default UDS paint question...

I'm relatively new to the Brethren but have found this forum to have a wealth of information! Unfortunately through multiple failed searches, I find myself with a question that I hope someone might be able to help me out with.

Does anyone have any experience with using two Rustoleum products with different temp ratings together? I'm building my first UDS and I've hit it with the Rustoleum BBQ High Heat paint (flat black), sprayed a logo using the same BBQ high heat paint (in white) and would like to hit it with a clear gloss. Problem is, the rustoleum gloss I have found is slightly different (for Automotive) and its temp rating is slightly different. Will this cause problems? I saw that someone mentioned spraying down the flat black with cooking oil, so this could be an option, but I would rather hit it with a clear coat.

Here's my build so far...
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