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Default A-MAZ-N Customer Service! With bacon Pr0n

I received the A-MAZN-N Pellet Smoker for a gift along with some hickory, oak, cherry, and maple pellets. I had been using the AMNPS in my mini-wsm for cold smoking lots of cheeses and a small slab of pork belly. I also used it once in my upright masterbuilt gasser to warm smoke a loin for Canadian bacon. It worked great although the smoke was a little heavy in the mini-wsm.

Last week I was getting ready to cold smoke a pork belly that I cut into thirds to try different recipes and decided to use the gasser just for the cabinet to fit the meat. I had a heck of a time keeping the pellets burning. I had the AMNPS sitting on the bottom on a grate right above the giant hole in the bottom. It turned out it would burn for about 45 min and if I didnít go out and blow on the embers to keep them going it would burn out. It was obvious I was burning up all the oxygen in the cabinet and then game over till I opened the door.

I emailed Todd at A-MAZN-N smokers and told him about my problem at night. He initially responded before the butt crack of dawn and we emailed about 10 times back and forth that morning. We ended up deciding that there was enough potential for airflow it was just going around the device. I tried putting foil down over the hole and leaving it open where the AMNPS was sitting and voila! It was working like a charm.

I happened to mention that I thought it was smoking heavily in the mini-wsm and he said heís send me some dust to try instead of pellets. I was expecting a little baggie so I could try it. I got home yesterday and there was a big box waiting for me. I picked it up and it sounded like pellets rattling and it was heavy??? To my surprise there was 1lb of dust and 2lb of pellets both pitmasters choice flavor! I was totally surprised. I couldnít recommend business with Todd any stronger. Great product and excellent customer service!

Here is some pics of the bacon:

Cured bacon hanging in the meat fridge the night before smoking. The fridge mod is still in progress but I had to stop working while the bacon was in it.

Here is it hanging in the smoker before I took the AMNPS out of the pan and put it on the bottom. There's some almonds up above buy you can't see them.

This is the black pepper bacon being sliced. Half of it it already sliced and wrapped up.

Test pieces fried up.

Hope you enjoy the pr0n! And support Todd he's a great guy!
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