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Originally Posted by froggyshooter View Post
Question and Request:
Built (building) first UDS: second on the way when this one complete. Just cooked pork butt and it came out great, but had to mess with intake quite a bit.
There are 3 3/4" intakes; 2 with caps one with ball valve. The exhaust is a 1 1/2 metal stack. Got it going with minion method and closed all intakes but 100% on ball valve. When I got home 8 hours later internal (Maverick) smoker temp was 175 F and meat was 150F. This has occurred every time I close off with caps and leave ball valve open 100%. Played with intakes (cap on / off) and it is touchy. The unit is air tight when everything is closed and vent stack is closed.
My thought, but let me know if I am wrong; the 1 1/2" exhaust is causing problem.
Love the way it cooks but cannot get it to hover at 225 like you guys.
If its not going as hot as you like then try opening up your intakes more. Logic dictates that your fire is not getting enough oxygen to idle at the temps you want.

Use everyone else's experience as a rough guideline, no two UDS behave exactly the same since not all are created the same nor do they run on the same fuel.

You didnt mention the ambient environment, how was the weather that day? If it was rainy, windy or cold this may have contributed to your low temps. Also, placement, is your UDS by a wall or out in the open?
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