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Originally Posted by SHERIFF View Post
I've had Vault for a little while. They're great smokers!

As for adding fuel (charcoal, wood, etc.), I haven't had to add anything during a normal smoke. Please keep in mind that I cook "dry", meaning I don't use the built-in water pan. I have no problem getting 14+ hours out of a single loading of fuel. If you use a weed burner to pre-heat the Vault/Safe, it will increase your cooking time(s) greatly.

I hope this helps......
+1! I will also add,
Make sure if you get one, get the ball valve design and not the slide dampers. Once heated and running dry they are super efficient and you gotta have good draft control. If cooking dry and manual slides, the air leaks will make your pit run away on temps. Once it gets up there, it's really difficult to get back down in temp. I cooked 75 chicken halves + 20 sausage links the other day on 10 lbs of lump in 4 hrs.
Originally Posted by SHERIFF View Post
No sir, mine is not on a trailer. As you may already know, Vault's are pushing a 1000 pounds. I can see getting one on/off of a utility trailer, but a pick-up truck, that might be a tall order.
The only way you will get a vault off the back of a truck is with a forklift or tractor and that's it. Any other way is gonna be too dangerous. Pitmaker has had some people drop them off the back trying to unload them and advises against truck loading. It's funny Becaise George was all careful tryin to strap it down. I told him i bought it to bbq not look at. I will have it all scratched up in a couple months anyways so don't worry about it. He looked at me like I was crazy lol

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