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Originally Posted by Longo1908 View Post
To those who have attended, how much did you improve after the class?
I guess that depends on how well you cook now. A lot depends on what you want to get out of the class. Competition cooking, or general BBQ knowledge?

It's been several years since I took the class he did with Johnny, and I'm sure that some things have changed. You get his flavor profile, but the real value comes from the thought process and methodology. Go home and think about why he does, what he does, and you've got something that will serve you a lot longer than flavor profiles.

Edit: You asked how much "I" improved. It helped me a lot! I'd gotten stuck, thinking about the same things, processes, and trying to come up with something new without making any big changes. Listening to Rod, and Johnny at that time, gave me something new to think about and approach things from a different direction. That's why I say that listening to why Rod does things the way he does is of greater value than the flavor profile.
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