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Default help with St loius ribs

I am cooking 4 racks this afternoon. I cook on a RF stick burner usually around 250*F. Lately I have been batteling the ribs and not sure why. Here is my process:
1.) trim the ribs and rub them the night before the cook
2.) fire up the RF untill it hits 250 with thw clear blue
3.) ribs usually from the fridge straight to the smoker
4.) 3-2-1 method 3 in the smoke, 2 in foil wrap with honey and brown sugar and 1 hr back in the smoke unwrapped. I usually sauce at this point and go back in to get the glaze set.

Two problems have been consistant the glaze does not set as well as I would like it to and the meat does not pull in from the end of the bones. Anyone have any suggestions?
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