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Originally Posted by AustinKnight View Post
Try trimming less next time brotha, it'll kinda give you a even playing field when it comes to cooking. I take the silver skin off and take out most of the hard fat out were the point and flat join, then turn it over and take down some of the hard fat on the side. That's one hell of a smoke ring brotha, I'm sure it still tasted good. Brisket is the hardest of the meat's to master, happy smokin!

This is all the fat I took off, I left maybe a little less then 1/4 were the point and flat join(hard pocket of white fat).
Thanks ... AustinKnight - agreed on the trimming. First brisket I did I trimmed the heck out of it - no bueno. This one not so much. I did take the silver off where I could, got rid of some of the hard on the point and non-fat cap side. On the Fat cap side I trimmed it down to about 1/4". I am going to adjust my smoke exposure time on the next cook as well as wrap at 170 on the point instead of 200. Hoping that helps me get dialed in even further. Flavor was good; still tweaking to get me a little more wow factor.
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