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Originally Posted by RangerJ View Post
Anybody can beat anybody on any given day. However, weird he won again. Probably touting his HEB All Natural Beef.

As a Veteran I love the VFW cooks, but I decided not to do it after last year, the Calcutta, was not a Calcutta and the head judge actually screwed up the final tally announcing the wrong GC. Dennis May of Smoking in the Dark had to go up and correct her as he won the event.

Nice girl appreciate her efforts but there are plenty of cook offs to choose from.

Let us know how that lump works out.
He sure is proud of that heb angus, I knew I should have canola upped
Ya I know brotha, I heard all about that, hell 30 teams less then last year I believe. Good to see someone else on here can relate, lump and food PrOn coming soon until then...

They made me un fold the foil

Getting wrapped

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