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Default Valentine's Dinner For Two

So. The very first meal I cooked for Redhot was panfried ribeye steaks with fries and green beans and mushrooms. I've updated a little bit.

First off, I got some really nice choice angus ribeyes from the meat counter. (OK, I got the third because Shawn is here too and we weren't gonna leave him out...)

Last time, I used salt, pepper and garlic powder but since I happened to have this BigButz Cow Pow on hand...

Excellent stuff by the way and I highly recommend it. Also, last time was crimini mushrooms but this time I decided to go with shiitake for a little extra umami for the green bean mushroom mix. I only used cracked black pepper as the other spice for cooking...

The veggies are cooking right now. Next, the steaks and change number three will be TAATER TOTS!!! Instead of fries. More pics later...
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