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Default Smoker Recommendations...

My father in law got a hell of a deal on a 500 gallon tank (Read: Free) and we were just about to start work on it but I'll tell you after looking at it, measuring it, and looking at the space it would take up, there just isn't room for it here. We may still build it but will probably turn it for a profit or just let him have it.

That said, I'm wanting a smoker. A true, steel, offset smoker. I currently use a Chargriller Akorn and it will hold temps for 24 hours straight with little input. What i'm looking for in an offset is to either buy or build something very efficient. I'm not wanting to spend a ton of money and have a nack for finding deals and bartering locally. I haven't ruled it out but i've even been looking at Langs but it's obviously a hefty price to pay. Could any of you recommend anything different? I've been reading for days and just don't know that i've hit exactly what im looking for without spending $1k plus. The Akorn is absolutely awesome and I will not be getting rid of it but it does have some limitations, mainly space issues. I'd like to set it up more for high temp grilling and getting a separate smoker.
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