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Default Golden Lion WIFI Setup Problems

Just wondering any of you knows how to set up the Golden Lion from the start. I am having major problems and i am stuck.
I have Win7 so when the Lion turned on it will show up in the computer connections in the bottom right corner. When i try to connect to it i can NOT access the properties the only option is to "connect" There is no other option. When i go to the control panel setup network connections, the way Wang tells you to do, i put all those numbers in,(like 3 sets) it is all set finished...suppose to work as a WIFI . And now i have 2 Lion showing up at the connections in the internet access. I connect..go to a clean webpage i tried it with the :1080HTML...and with out the HTML...and a 1000 other ways and all got is a blank page.

I work with computers since 2000 and have never ever run in to a situation like this. Somehow always find a solution but this one look really bad...I am stuck. Would any of you help me out how to make this work with windows7....I have a WD router and there is a simple setup mode for any WIFI device. The problem is me Western Digital can not find it, i tried the mannual mode for the router setup what was wasted time again. Computer/my laptop can not sense the WIFI signals either..The easy setup mode wont work. Id is ADHOC what kicked my ass alright and it is frustrating how you pay a couple of hundreds for a device what you cant setup to view the Lion's firmware/software...And when i talk to Wang he assures me it takes him 2 minutes to set his...What am i doing wrong? Thanks so much...if i could get some help on this...
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