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Originally Posted by BayoustateBBQ View Post
used an offset smoker with a water pan. Keep in mind I did this per Myron:

Beef injection and marinade-1 qt water, 3 tbsp Bullion powder ( I couldn't find it so I crushed up 9 Bullion cubes which equals 3 tbsp), 1 15 oz can strong beef broth ( I just used reg beef broth). Bring to a boil in pot stirring frequiently until disolved then let cool.

Place brisket in large alum pan fat side up. Inject brisket every 1" square all over brisket until you have used 1/2 the injection. Flip brisket over and pour remaining marinade over meat. Cover and refrig atleast 6 hours or overnight.

Get your smoker to 350*
remove brisket from pan discard marinade and add your rub. Put back in pan and put in smoker. I used a small meat rack inside my pan to keep the meat off the bottom to allow air circulation.

Cook 2.5 hours

remove from smoker,cover with foil and cook additional 1.5 hours until brisket point is 205*

remove from smoker and cover pan with thick blanket 3-4 hours and lest rest. (I ran out of time and just let it rest 1 hour)

You can use the remaining juices in the pan as an aujus sauce to pour over your brisket.

Using this method was the best brisket I have ever done.In competition you can probably get by with your injection since you prob can't marinade it that long.

PS: I also used my new wood chunk smoking contraption:
Best brisket I ever done (which is not many) was done Myron's way.
Still trying!
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