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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
You're going to want to adjust the way you cook a little. The pellets burn very efficiently so there isn't as much smoke flavor. Most pellet heads cook at a lower temp for the beginning of the cook for the big meats to get more smoke. On the Traeger analog controller that's what the Smoke setting does. I cook at a lower temp for the first couple of hours for butts and briskets on my pellet smoker and then kick the temp up after that.

Thanks Ron ... from what I was seeing on YouTube and a couple posts in here I figured I'd have to go low and slow at first. Will be a slightly learning adjustment but I am OK with that. And I picked up a welding blanket yesterday. I found the measurements for the 'blanket' Traeger sells and my wife is going to cut up the welding blanket and hook me up. I do like that I will be able to get some sleep when doing my weekend cooks. Old pit I'd have to check the fire every 45 - 60 minutes, depending on weather.

That said, I do get to go order a new BIG pit on the 23rd ;)
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