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Default Judge and Team Applications

I have not been a member of the KCBS for very long but I have notice how the application process for judges and team to contest is very inefficient. As a member of the KCBS we all have accounts. These accounts should be used to sign up for different roles at a given contest.

For example a judge should be able to log into there account and sign up for one or several contest. Because they have an account a profile will already be in the system. Once the people over the event logs into their account they should be able to see all those that applied for the judging position. They should be able to sort and choose their judges however they see fit. Once a person is selected or not the system will generate a generic email to let that person whether or not they are selected, wait-listed, or declined.The system could then print a list for the KCBS rep.

The system could serve 2 purposes. First tracking judges that sign up and don't show up to events. Second allow team to apply up to the day of contest closing date.
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