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Originally Posted by SmokinBobs View Post
Yes, they are letting me sell drinks also. And luckily we both buy from the same meat wholesaler, so I know I am getting good product. Again, thanks for all the advice!!!
To enhance on what Cynful said, you might both buy from the same wholesaler, but that doesn't mean anything. If you are buying from the store "at their cost" are you not getting it at the same cost when you buy direct from the wholesaler? I am betting the market is padding a little in for themselves. When it comes to business, nothing is free (or "at cost").

Another point is you have no control over what the market does to the meat before you take possession of it. Did it set out and get a little too warm? Did a sick employee handle it before it got passed to you? Yes, the same things could of happened anywhere along the line from the slaughter house to you taking possession of it. But the more middlemen you can take out of the equation, the better off you are. This is YOUR reputation at stake.

I do custom ordered smoking, and at no point have I ever, or will I ever, let a customer provide any meat or ingredients, you just don't know where they have been.
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