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Default Rain proof box for Golden Lion

I bought a Golden Lion from woodpelletsmoker and knew I would need something for storage and smoking in rainy weather. I didn't want the stainless steel box he offered since I have more than one pit that I plan to use it on and don't want to have to unbolt it everytime I switch. The plastic box woodpelletsmoker offers just didn't look big enough for everything to fit in one package. I picked up a plastic tote with a moisture resistant seal in the lid from Home Depot and started making parts to set it up the way I wanted.

First I made a flange to attach my air hose to the box. On the inside of the box there is another washer and a 3/4" coupler acts as a nut to keep it tight. The washer on the outside is welded to the 3/4" nipple. There is a bead of clear silicone around and behind the washer.

I bought these vents off ebay they are meant for use on a boat and should work well for keeping the rain out. I used stainless hardware to attach them and more silicone. I also robbed a handle off an old weber I have had sitting in the back yard. There is a piece of plexiglas added to the lid to add some strength.

To run to wires out of the box I stuck with the boat theme and bought a clam shell vent from a marine website. Again more stainless hardware and silicone. I also painted all the added parts to match.

Here is a picture of the fan mounted inside the box. I had to flip the piece inside the fan assembly that restricts airflow when the fan isn't running. I was surprised how much air the fan pulls. Even with the three vents I could still feel the air being pulled through the vents.

Here is everything bundled up on top. I put a shelf in to separate the fan and give me somewhere to mount the power cord and the Golden Lion console. The shelf is make from corrugated plastic sign that a roofer left in my yard for advertising. I painted it to match and suspended it with removable 3M hooks. The power cable and console are both secured with double sided tape to keep them from moving around. I hope the hooks and double sided tape hold up this summer when it starts heating up.

Finally here is the hose I made to connect the unit to my smoker. It is made from 1-1/4" pool and spa hose. I tried using a dishwash drain hose but it didn't allow for enough air movement and it whistled pretty loud. A nipple and PVC union allows me to attach it to my smoker and the other end spins on the 3/4" nipple coming out of the box. I put a 1" to 3/4" bushing in the end that attaches to the rain box. It threaded itself in tight and makes a good seal. The pool and spa hose is smoother inside rather than the corrugated inside of a dishwasher drain. When it is hooked up you can feel the air blowing out of it 2' away.

I haven't got to try it out on my smoker yet but I am pretty sure everything should work smoothy. Thanks for looking and hopefully you might get some good ideas for your rain proof box no matter which controller you are using.
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