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Found some matches.
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Default Where's my knives???

I help out on a number of different cooking teams this time of year and it always seems hard to keep track of "MY" seems everybody uses the same ole set of cheapo's from the local Sam's Club so in order to keep track of mine, I got a little creative.

I figured I'd do a test on one and see how it turned out...I cleaned the handle up real good, rubbed it down with some alcohol and hit it with a coat of fluorescent orange, then I came back over top with a black looks a lot like some of my rifle stocks. I have to say I'm pleased with how it turned out, and the web gives it a bit of addition grip also. Now the true test, will it hold up?

I have a pair of shears I use when cleaning birds that I did this to many, many years ago...they're a little beat up and worn but most of the color remained...

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