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Thanks all, I appreciate all the responses.

My goal for these first two cooks was to see if the PBC cooked as advertised, or perhaps I should say how I "thought" it was advertised.

First, from the box, then the set-up, and firing it up, all lived up to what I had been reading in all the reviews, Very Quick, Very easy, bing, bang, boom!

Next, and I think this is where I got a little side tracked, was that I was expecting it to run at about the 275 range +/_ 25*.

This morning I spent quite a bit of time looking at the PBC website, as well as searching through many of the threads on this site about the PBC, and I don't find that bit of info anywhere. It seems that this is where a lot of the brethren that have posted about it have said their PBC "settled", and i jumped to the conclusion that that is how it was supposed to work.

My mistake.

So now it is a simple matter of either using the method flyingbassman suggests, which is what I will try next (thank you)....or......adjusting the intake.......or.......adjusting the amount of fuel or a variation of the three to get it to where I like it.

Which as far as I'm concerned this is great, just gives me another reason to keep firing it up, lol.

Thanks again all.

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