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Default PBC cook #2/Brisket pRon and lots of questions

OK was my 2nd experience.
As with my first cook, lit everything up as directed, coals all ready to go at 20 minutes, just as advertised.
Prepped the brisket, trimmed and seasoned with the Pit Barrel Beef and Game rub while the coals were starting.
The brisket is a small one around 7.5 pounds trimmed, outside temp at about 42*F, light breeze, rigged up a block to protect the air intake.

Hung the brisket at 12:20 and tossed on the lid, also had the ET-732 set up from the start to monitor the pit and meat. The pit probe was hung right next to the brisket about a third of the way down from the top on a hook with foil.

Not sure if you can see it in the pic's but the probe is there.
And here is a table of how it progressed from there.
PBC temp
Meat IT
360 pit
41 meat IT
410 pit
73 meat IT
424 Pit
138 Meat IT

Initial temps started high, I was hoping that once the meat was in the cooker and all buttoned up that the temp would drop as others have reported, as you can see, that was not the case. At the 1:25 mark I blocked the air intake, the PBC temp began dropping right away.
356 Pit
160 Meat IT

Brisket pulled and wrapped and then placed on grate in PBC, closed it up and;
482 Pit
156 Meat IT

I had the lid off the PBC while I wrapped, so I’m guessing that is why the temp went up so much. Cook progressed as follows, intake still covered;
307 Pit
181 Meat IT
244 Pit
203 Meat IT
236 Pit
205 Meat IT
205 Pit
210 Meat IT

Probed the brisket for tenderness, did not probe like butter, opened up the air intake, cook continued.
297 Pit
212 Meat IT

Brisket probed tender here, pulled from cooker and placed in cooler to rest for 2-3 hours.
I expected the Brisket to be pretty dark, I did not open the PBC to peak, I let the temps run just as you see above until I pulled and wrapped. Here is how it looked when I took it off at 1:35:

As you can see, a little dark at the one corner, otherwise very nice color.

I will post a pic or two of the finished product when I slice it up. I don't expect much of a smoke ring with the cook progressing so rapidly. I did put in some hickory and mesquite.

Probably way more than any of you wanted to know, just passing it along for everyones FYI.

I'm not sure if anyone else is having these issues with temp control on their PBC, but I would love to get your ideas and thoughts on this.

I will probably call Noah tomorrow to get his thoughts.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to make sure you all get all the info.


Sorry all, I had this all layed out in a table format in word, didn't copy and paste as expected, so probably hard to follow.
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