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Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
I do the same with filling the warm oven with wood for the next firing session. I once threw wood in a still hot oven, shut the door, came back a couple of days later and found most had turned into coals. I used them in my UDS.

I also went with the igloo design. Being in SoCal with its dry climate I did not worry about trapped moisture during my application of several coats of rendering. But as a precaution I left the very top of the dome unrendered to 'vent' any moisture, if any, trapped in the layers of ceramic blanket. I eventually closed off the top with render after several small fires.
For my final finish render I used surface bonding cement, or SBC (Quikrete Quikwall), applied in several stages. The texture blended well with the house as the oven was built merely inches away from the house.

Ya it seems like i have to do the same things.
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