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You could cheat a little by using your Performer and the oven too. Smoke the butt for 4-6 hrs., then move to a half pan covered with foil in the oven @225° until it is done. I have done many single butts this way and it keeps you from worrying about maintaining your cooker temp overnight or what the weather is doing. Start it @ 10pm., pull it off the Performer around 2AM and put into a half pan, roasting pan with a rack, etc. and cover with foil. Put into the oven and let it go until probe tender.

This lets you get some sleep as a bonus. If it gets done early (for me, 8 lb. butts take 8~10 hrs. total cooking time), then wrap in foil and either place in a cooler covered with an old towel or two, or just turn the oven off & let it rest there. I try to raise the butt off the bottom of the pan a little with some sort of rack so it isn't swimming in it's own juices.

Good luck with your cook.
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