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Beef-you don't have a brick spit just east of downtown Ced by chance?
I WILL be hosting a bbq rendezvous once I get the smoker done and tuned in. Really look forward to sharing the experience with our fellow brethren!

V-wiz-I started a build thread with more details on construction process.
Briefly-As the oven is built, there is considerable amounts of time and small fires to cure each step (layer) of the oven. The render is not begun until the brick and insulating layers are COMPLETELY cured and dry.
Yes, if the render was completed before this it would hold in moisture.
The moisture I reference is really minimal. The fire brick on the inside is fairly porous and will hold a little moisture between firings. Similar to a stale saltine cracker.
It takes considerably more time and wood to get it heated to pizza temps after long periods of interactivity. When it is kept dry (inside) I can clear the dome (1000+deg) in about an hour. I also fill the oven with wood when it has cooled to below 300 deg. to both "pre-season" the wood for the next firing and help keep the fire brick "drier".
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