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"YOU CAN NOT COOK GREAT BBQ ON A CONSISTENT BASIS COOKING TO AN INTERNAL TEMP OR BY TIME(XXX MIN PER LB) YOU MUST COOK BY FEEL!"For a Brisket that is probe tender, Pork Butts when the Bone wiggles lose, Ribs pass the Bend Test. These are the only reliable methods to indicate the proper time to declare the cook completed with successfully.

Use the Ring of Fire set up on your Kettle. Open the bottom intake 1/8" and close the top to 3/4 open you will be between 250-275. place a Dry drip pan below the Butt. I can get 16 hrs with this setup. every 4 hrs rotate the lid 90 deg to keep the exhaust opposite the fire.
13 lb butt

6 hrs in

end of cook 11+ hrs there is enough fuel left for at least 4-5 hrs

Hey there Bludawg, I've read enough of your posts that I should probably already know this, but from the pics I can't quite tell, Is that all lump or a combo of lump and briquettes?
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