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Wow, you are quite a supercilious little gnome, aren't you? Joke.

I suppose you think in another thread where I commented that a certain person's excellent rib picture was too mahogany in appearance and "lacked the gray uniformity of a boil rib" would be meant to be taken literally. Do you think that was an insult? Or in other threads are you the type that thinks that I really intend to freeze Adam Perry Lang in liquid Nitrogen. Your type bring howls of derisive laughter.

Of course I do say these type of things because people like you give me a lot of amusement.

Now, am I offended? Do I really want to belittle the competitors or even the guy that made this film? No! Duh. Why else would I later comment in this thread that the film footage looked as good as another bbq documentary, "Smokestack Lightning" if you even know such a thing ever existed? If you are intellectually deficient I will explain; that is a compliment.

Second... I guess you didn't see the actual film the OP posted. Right from the start one of the featured players talks about what a peculiar breed we are. We are driven to create and push the envelope. So... in jest, I mention that I am offended by that classification and then offer evidence that I myself am that "warped." That's called comedic irony. Each segment of course lays a comedic element to the faults of our "breed."

As far as competition... I was competing before you sure as hell even started. To some distinction in Texas I might add. And really, I am sure the last time anyone ever referred to me, who raised more than 108K in charitable donations due to my Minnie Howell Good Vittles Society in the last three years, as a "backyard anything" was maybe 1988. In fact, in order to LAND the job assisting Ray Perez at the old Kruez that's exactly how I referred to myself.

Simply put, after a few awards and walks in one of the oldest BBQ Pageants in the nation, once you do the math as a winner, one realizes that they might do more good giving back to families in need than continuing to try and prove themselves. I have a true and proven method of cooking, one that some actually follow... so that assuredly makes me more than a backyard cooker. LOL

Furthermore, heck... you mentioning of the subject smacks that you disrespect the backyard cooker. Ah how the ignorant underestimate the novice. Let me know when you get to stage 4 of the "competitor" cycle, if you ever do. So few make it. Your stuck on number 2.

Now go back into one of your tribal huddles with your anti-funk lackeys and toss a few PM back and forth to figure out what you want to say next.

To the original poster... if I have to explain... it looks like your film will be doing much to show the world what little freaks we are, and we are. But remember Arnold in Pumping Iron when responding to people that said Bodybuilding was "strange" and "didn't make sense." He responded, "and racing around a race track in a speeding car does?"

Originally Posted by Smokin' Gnome BBQ View Post
I am sorry to hear that competition BBQ offends you. really! but why would you belittle a form of bbq that defines "the competitors" , have you competed? just wondering, or is this another way for you to promote your own agenda.. a video about competition is about competition correct, not your back yard cooker? or have you lost intrest in "wowing" others in another in a more comfortable venue

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