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Originally Posted by noquarter View Post
Ok so I have read about reverse searing on here and I have a question...
When I do it, I put the meat on indirectly for the first part, with wood for smokey flavor, then get the grill really hot and finish the meat off on that.
Some people explain the opposite of this...
But from what I understand- meat only accepts smoke up to 140 degrees. And if that is so, wouldn't searing the meat first inhibit the smoke from the meat?
You are correct - in order for the meat to absorb smoke, it needs to be raw, basically. That's why exposing meat to smoke during the indirect phase of the cook works so well.

If you like a smoky taste on your meat (as I do) then yes, you'll want to get the smoke in the beginning indirect phase. Doing it at the end won't make much of a difference, if at all.

I did a full tutorial on the Reverse Sear HERE.
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