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Talking pssst, call the cops, there's been a CL Weber MURDER!!

Saw this '05 Performer (just the grill w/o accy's.) on CL Saturday for $50 and got ahold of the guy QUICK! He was nice enough to hold it for me until after work today. It was only 15 minutes out of the way after work but would have been a 3 hour round trip on Saturday and I wasn't about to leave wifey with all of the little ones for that long on a weekend/day off. When I got there, the guy's like "oh, I forgot to mention the rotisserie, charcoal, and veggie basket go with! He's moving to AZ and from the looks of his place (palace), was more interested in time than money . I've gotten some steals on CL before, but this felt like straight up homicide! It's in GREAT shape, just needs a little cleaning so I can then get her dirty! Add it to the Weber herd, she's in great company!

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