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Default UDS Exhaust - Help

Question and Request:
Built (building) first UDS: second on the way when this one complete. Just cooked pork butt and it came out great, but had to mess with intake quite a bit.
There are 3 3/4" intakes; 2 with caps one with ball valve. The exhaust is a 1 1/2 metal stack. Got it going with minion method and closed all intakes but 100% on ball valve. When I got home 8 hours later internal (Maverick) smoker temp was 175 F and meat was 150F. This has occurred every time I close off with caps and leave ball valve open 100%. Played with intakes (cap on / off) and it is touchy. The unit is air tight when everything is closed and vent stack is closed.
My thought, but let me know if I am wrong; the 1 1/2" exhaust is causing problem.
Love the way it cooks but cannot get it to hover at 225 like you guys.
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