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Originally Posted by Thermal Mass View Post
Nice rack!
What temp did you put the ribs in at? How long did they take" did you add any moisture (as with baking bread)??
During the summer my oven holds steady between 250F to 300F for a full day, roughly 48 hours after firing. I don't add moisture to the chamber, although I've spritzed the rack with apple juice on occasion. I just shut the insulated door and come back after 3 hours to check and usually be done in another hour or so. Ribs cook very evenly, no hot spots, as the volume of the chamber is large, with all that THERMAL MASS.

I've also cooked ribs and vegis in the oven, starting with a cold oven with a basket of charcoal briquettes going, instead of using firewood, tucked away in one corner.
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