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We're speaking the same language, brotha. I don't want to rely on internal temp to tell me when the cook is finished. I simply want to know what's the lowest internal temp pork/brisket usually begin changing consistency for the probe/feel test. That's all.

And thanks to everyone for the input. Sounds like 180 to 185 is the lowest number when I should (or could) begin noticing a difference in the probe, feel and bone/meat (pork) separation tests.

On the flip side, it sounds like 210 is the ceiling, huh? I'm only asking because I've overdone a few pieces of meat relying solely on feel (like yesterday's pork butt). Without having someone in person teaching me "this is how it should feel/probe," I'm hoping to rely on a range of temperatures, albeit rough, to guide me as I learn these traditional methods.
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