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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post

"YOU CAN NOT COOK GREAT BBQ ON A CONSISTENT BASIS COOKING TO AN INTERNAL TEMP OR BY TIME(XXX MIN PER LB) YOU MUST COOK BY FEEL!"For a Brisket that is probe tender, Pork Butts when the Bone wiggles lose, Ribs pass the Bend Test. These are the only reliable methods to indicate the proper time to declare the cook completed with success.

Beef & Pork are different as is each Butt and each Brisket. I find those that struggle with the "FEEL" of probe tender sometimes benefit from a" visual aide" Close your Eyes, clear your mind, Now think about That Hot Monkey Love when your Huck-a-Bucking with your woman..... Got IT?!? That's the "FEEL"!
He gets it. He even said that he wanted to go by feel. He wants to know when to start checking.

Viggysmalls, I've had briskets and buts that were done at 185, but that's a very small number. I typically start checking at 190 since the vast majority of briskets or butts that I've cooked are done at temps higher then this.

As far as what that feels like, we can try to describe it in a lot of ways, but when you nail it you'll know. It takes some practice, but if you feel resistance, it's probably not done.
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