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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Another good point ^^^^.

You have to learn to adapt, adjust with BBQ.
No matter what the "recipe" tells you, if you determine that the ribs are done early, you either need to hold them or plan to eat early. If they feel done to you before you're supposed to foil them, screw the foil.

This will come with experience, but BBQ is about learning, adapting, rolling with it.

Another tip with a UDS....don't adjust air vents a lot at a time. Little adjustments is all that's needed. Otherwise, it's BIG swings in temp. In order to control temps, start with vents wide open and when the thermo is telling you that the drum is about 20 degrees from where you want it, choke it down to where you think it should be. Then little tweaks will let you zero in without overshooting. You'll learn the UDS eventually and as MS2SB said, let it ride where it likes. Adjust cook times accordingly. It's less stressful than fighting it.
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