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Originally Posted by Mo_Smoker View Post
Thanks for the great responses. I got these ribs when we had our pig butchered back in August, not sure what style that makes them. I know i did not do any of the tests you all were talking about, so please explain.
Thanks, Mike
Bend Test: There's a couple of different thinkings on this, but as I had it explained to me and what I do is if you pick up the ribs with a set of tongs or a gloved hand only holding on to about half the rack and UNDER THEIR OWN WEIGHT they just start to break (bark starts to split apart) then they've passed the bend test. If you can pick them up and they stay stiff or even if they do flex, but stay intact, they're not ready yet. Once they hit the point of doneness by this test, you've got only a certain window to get them off the pit before they start to dry out and turn chewy.

Another way to test doneness is by the "toothpick test": using a long skewer or toothpick even and probe down between the bones through the meat. Just as with probing larger cuts of meat, the skewer/toothpick should slide through with very little resistance.
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