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Default Internal Temps and Probe Tests

So, I'm struggling a bit with the probe/feel tests for both brisket and pork. The rib-bend method makes perfect sense to me, especially since google has tons of photos of what the bend should look like. Since there are no visual cues for the probe and feel tests, I was hoping to use internal temps as an indicator of when to start conducting them.

I'm not sure if what I said above makes a ton of sense, so I'll try to clarify. I'm looking for the absolute lowest internal temperature that both brisket and pork could be considered done. I realize all cuts of meat cook differently, but if I have this low number, at least I know the wheelhouse of when each cut should begin changing texture/consistency.

Thanks for all the help (again and again). I promise my bbqing is improving leaps and bounds thanks to all of you. Soon enough, I'll even post some pr0n as proof.
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