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Folks, I'm back from the Johnny T class and l am VERY happy. The classroom was amazing. We were in a full on professional stage kitchen, multiple cameras with huge flat screens so the camera could show closeups. The kitchen space he worked on was HUGE with the mirrors above so you could have yet another angle. The classroom seating was fantastic with plenty of room for all the notes and food you will eat.

Ok so past the amazing atmosphere.... Johnny is an amazing teacher. He starts off the class on time and makes sure he covers all the questions we have as he is progressing. Any time someone needed more time on a topic he made sure to cover it again until each person understood. He would go over each topic indepth and also the part I really liked is that he would use his real life examples. Johnny's wife was amazing as well, you would see her moving all about in the background keeping everything moving along.

I'd love to sit here and share specifics of the class as many of you may want to hear....all I can say is that it was worth it. I walked away from that class with some incredible nuggets of knowledge. we covered everything... I meant everything..prep, trimming, injecting/not injecting, rubs, too much, too little, what order, no order.... I mean it all. What temp probes, when is it done.. What to take with you when you compete, what not do. I felt like a sponge and I'm still digesting my notes.

I promise you that after taking that class you will have taken with you several "ah-ha" moments. SOOOOOO that's how I should do it.

I highly recommend the class to anyone, you will not regret it.

I signed up to do Silverton, lets see how I do. I've take several classes, cooked more than I can count, made plenty of bad BBQ and some great BBQ too. Time to see what I can do in a competition of seasoned professionals.

I have one goal..well two, have fun and not be DAL
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