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Default When in doubt - ASK - Smokin Ribs question?

Hey there BBQ Brethern -
I am in need of some good Que advice. And I know I will get different responses on this but I will ask anyway.
I have a UDS that my neighbor built for me (he competes in some BBQ competitions) so I am fairly confident the drum he built is not my issue. This isnt my first time using it, but its the 2nd time for ribs. Almost the same result as before, I am sure its the cook. I am sure I missed a step or did something wrong.
Last Saturday, I tried to smoke 2 racks of ribs using the 2-2-1 method. I did some searching about trimming up ribs, I did not trim alot off as they looked ok. About an hour before I put the put the ribs on the smoker I used a small amount of yellow mustard rubbed that onto the ribs and added my rub. It was one I purchased from our local BBQ store. I started my drum earlier and was holding temp about 225-250 degrees. At 11:30 am I put the ribs on the smoker and began. I kept a close eye on the smoker as to make sure temps did not get too out of hand. It would surge up to 260-270 and I would have to shut it all the way down to get the temp back to 225-250. I should have documented this, so I could see exactly what went wrong.
At 1:30 I went to start to foil and I checked the temp and the ribs were all the way up to 190 degrees. I foiled both sets and sprayed them with apple juice and closed them up and put them back on the smoker. I noticed that they looked done, but I was thinking the foil acts like a steamer and would finish them off. I checked and sprayed them an hour later and pulled them at 2 hours. They were not very juicy or moist like I had seen in many pictures.
I sprayed them and added a bit more rub and put them back on the grill for about 20 minutes (10 per side).
They had a really good taste to them, but were a little dry.

This is where you all come in: What did I do wrong?

I know this is kinda of a open ended question but I need the advice of the BBQ Brethern community. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for listening.

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