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Default Overnight Butt smoke on a Performer tips

I am having a birthday party for my daughter next Saturday and wanted to try my hand at pulled pork. Will likely be feeding 15 people, including 3 young kids. I need it ready for a late lunch on Saturday, so I am thinking I would start it at 10pm or so Friday night. Does that seem like the right amount of time if I do an 8-10lb butt? Any tips on keeping it going overnight? Keep in mind I have a Weber Performer, not a real smoker. I had good luck doing ribs by making a wick of unlit charcoal around my big cast iron pan and thought I could give that a try again. I got an iGrill for xmas and plan to set temperature alarms for the meat and grill temp and monitor it with my iPad all night. I have read 190-205 for an internal temperature to take it off, and I was thinking setting low and high temp alarms on the grill at 200-300F. Any advice is apprecated.
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