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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by fmm1 View Post
Well I finally hit the flavor profile I was looking for which was salty sweet, with a hint of heat. I knew I hit it when my wife said "WOW! The best ones yet!". We both like dry ribs. I prefer no sauce and she just likes to dip... I guess it's a woman thing. . Anyhow. The only issue i'd been working on was nailing down the 3-2-1 method for my smoker, a CharGriller Akorn. Last week I did some ribs and the 3-2-1 made the ribs absolutely fall apart. Super tender and juicy and flavorful but just not perfect ribs I want. Well today I did a 3.5-1-1. They were just about perfect! Tender with a perfect crust, and just enough pull to enjoy eating them! It really makes me wish i'd done 3-4 racks to share with the neighbors! Oh well they can just bask in the smoke. I did a much better job cutting them this time too!


They look brilliant,nice and natural.
What Temp did you cook at please.
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