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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
It's no big secret. In the UDS.> a small layer of lump on hte bottom two chunks of Wood another layer to cover the chunks more wood 90 deg off the last layer, top it off with lump. light up a 1/3 of a chimney of Cheap HEB briquettes to light it up. after a 10 min burn drop in the drum add a chunk of wood on top.

In the Weber I use 14" ring to set up the chain top it with chunks pull the ring, add a drip pan, light one end, adj the vents and let it do it's thing. The only maintenance is to rotate the lid 90 deg every 4 hrs so the exhaust is opposite the fire.

ring removed

6 hrs into the cook.

13 hrs ( if you look close at the 10 o'clock there is a wisp of smoke where the fire is) enough fuel left for 3- 4 hrs more.
hey dawg...I gave your snake method a go today (doing a batch of almonds), but had trouble getting my temp over ~150. I usually load up the bottom, and dump my lit coals on the top, in the center
how deep do you go with the lump...hard to tell from the pics. are you really careful about how you load it in, or do you just sort of fill it in around the ring? I'm guessing your outside temps aren't quite as low as what I'm dealing with here, but it's also not cold enough that it would normally give me trouble (currently 41 here)
any input would be appreciated
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