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Originally Posted by RangerJ View Post
100's of teams, if not more, every weekend. Many times with no power or water provided.

The alternative is to A. not compete, B. drive many hours in any cardinal direction to get to a KCBS event.

Which is why the whole, "I had to cart water at a Sam's event" stuff cracks me up.

But good Que is good Que and those that produce it do quite well. The 3 main organizations in my area, IBCA, Texas Gulf Coast and Lonstar BBQ do a good job and I'm just appreciative that someone is putting on events.

Well said Ranger, bottom line is that the good bbq wins and wins consistently regardless of who the judges are or what association your cooking in. There are plenty of online threads about the baloney that goes on in kcbs too, no system is perfect but they are all good and always trying to improve and make things better for the cooks. I for one am grateful that someone gives us an opportunity to go have fun doing what I like to do with people who enjoy it as much as I do. I do love being an IBCA HJ too but always prefer to cook and have fun than judge.

Y'all have fun.
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