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Originally Posted by toadhunter911 View Post
Take a ServSafe class. It's a great investment and very educational.

Tru dat Toad. every stinking serve safe class that i had to sit thru seemed to be geared moreso to off sight caterings or vending anyway.. great info for this path.

I have in the past also done an on site temp check and had the client sign off if i wasn't going to be there. but i also left HOT food in heated coolers to pick those up later. sometimes the 12:00 meeting wrap up doesn't happen and the food wont be as hot at 1:00 if so.. if someone got sick, i'd lose the house.. bad side of the "on the side" and under the HD radar part.

ALso, if you get a regular corporate based deal, one where they mail you a check from Accounts Payable, watch out for the W-9 at the end of the year. had my taxes all done and ready to go and was happy. checked the mail and.... BAM.. $7200 in tax forms from Napa and no taxes.. wasn't so happy. But i kept all receipts, copies of memberships (RD, SAMS, etc..), anything. i think by the time i was done, i only had about $750 taxable. but still, watch out.
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